Towards FP9

Mar, 08/11/2016


While the ninth framework program adoption seems to be far to come, some ideas are already there and the relevant stakeholders are getting around to intercept signals which can allow to predict reliable scenarios for the next programming period. What seems to emerge is a scenario that appears to be very little reassuring, apparently absent, in fact, the great protagonist who, since the first framework program, constituted a significant source of funding for the European RTD performer in general: research in cooperation. The general Brussels feeling, unless new schemes will appear, is that research in cooperation financed by the EU, as it is now structured, will be replaced by more flexible instruments, driven by profit and closer to market. This "economy driven" approach will not take into account the societal impact of research which has been, indeed, a sign mark of Horizon 2020. The trans-national cooperation, an aim in FP7, then a mean in Horizon 2020, in FP9 could be considered just an option, and probably only as a “glue money” in those issues where member States are already committed.

For more information enclosed you will find the CNR reflective paper “Towards FP9”  which provides an analysis of the changes under way and signals that can anticipate the decisions, as well as some speculation on how will evolve the European funding for research and innovation.